New Resources

Latest ‘Obesity Update’ from the OECD

This gives a concise overview of obesity stats worldwide – some interesting ideas included to address the issue – particularly around the use of social media.


Sit Less – Move more

A very useful resource from NZ – a commendable holistic approach – giving sleep such a prominent position within this framework is something we should give some serious thought to here.


New report on Parent-Child interactions – what works?

Definitely worth reading – but no mention here of the critical importance of Physical Development. Yet again – the developmental domain that underpins and supports all learning is omitted. Why? The three areas of child development highlighted in this review – attachment, behaviour and cognitive/language development are profoundly affected by the range of physical opportunities experienced by young children. A useful report – but failing to include physical development just speaks volumes about the lack of awareness and understanding regarding this field that continues to prevail in the EY sector.


Helping Parents to Parent

This report is well worth reading - a good overview of best practice here
and abroad - which approaches are most effective and give value for money -
and will support the best outcomes for parents and their children.


Movement Environment Rating Scale (MOVERS) for 2-6 year olds provision

Carol Archer and Iram Siraj have produced a much needed resource to support professionals in their Physical Development practice. Finally, we have an effective assessment procedure that may measure the quality of children’s physical experiences, the environment in which they move and the underpinning pedagogy. Definitely worth considering – it fits with the ECERS-E and SSTEW ratings scales that many of you will be familiar with.