17 Nov, 2015

Doing Well? | Nursery World

Nursery World | Opinion | 16-29 November 2015

Well – here we are again (‘More five-year-olds achieving a ‘good level of development’, 14 October, online).

The EYFS Profile results for England have just been published. Physical Development does brilliantly – along with ‘technology’. More than 90 per cent of children gained an ‘expected’ level in both domains.

When we know that 90 per cent of young children are not experiencing a level of physical activity to support their overall health and well-being – obesity rates for this age group remain alarming – and oral health is woeful, the statistics seem to bear very little relation to reality.

As for ‘technology’ – one of the prime reasons for low activity levels and sedentary behaviour is known to be the rise in use of digital technology.

So, where is the incentive here for practitioners to fully support health initiatives when – in education terms – children are physically doing just fine?’ 
Dr Lala Manners, director, activematters

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