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Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) BETA website engagement

We are delighted to announce that London’s boroughs and Early Years settings will be able to start engaging in the Mayor of London’s new healthy early years awards scheme, Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) today, (Monday 19 March 2018).  

The Mayor’s new Healthy Early Years London awards programme is a key ambition of ‘Better Health for Londoners’, London’s Health Inequalities Strategy and is targeted at London’s 13,000+ childcare settings, with the aim of setting a new industry standard and tackling health inequalities across the city at the earliest opportunity in a child’s life.

Where are we now?

After much consultation on the HEYL programme with London’s Boroughs and early years settings, and a pilot during summer 2017, we were able to deliver induction sessions on the new Mayoral programme in February to both local authority leads and London’s leading nursery chains. These events have proved to be successful and insightful, providing us with positive and constructive feedback regarding the scope, content and accessibility of the award scheme.

We are now planning to formally launch Healthy Early Years London at the end of May 2018. However, from Monday 19 March 2018 settings, childminders and boroughs will be able to engage in HEYL through the HEYL Beta (test) website to achieve an award from the Mayor of London. As far as we can see the website is working well but we want it to have a good test run before the formal launch later this year. All settings who achieve a HEYL award before the formal launch in May will be awarded a downloadable certificate of accreditation and assets for their own use and promotion, including letter heads, posters and recognition stickers for the children.

Following the induction 20 London boroughs expressed an interest in providing local support for Healthy Early Years London which includes 14 boroughs who have already developed their own bespoke programmes. 

Mayor’s action on affordable, high-quality childcare for Londoners: Early Years Hubs & Healthy Early Years London

In January the Mayor of London launched his Early Years Hubs scheme, which aims to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds fulfil their potential.  The Early Years Hubs are starting-up in three locations: Newham, Wandsworth & Merton and Barnet. The Early Years Hubs will be working in collaboration with Healthy Early Years London, supporting settings to achieve HEYL Awards and recognition from the Mayor as part of his overall ambition to ensure Londoners have affordable, high-quality childcare. For more information on Early Years Hubs please visit this page and see this press release.

Participation in Healthy Early Years London

  • All Early Years settings with or without childcare and childminders can participate in Healthy Early Years London by registering and completing the HEYL First Steps Award.  
  • Settings/childminders in boroughs with local Healthy Early Years (HEY) support can then progress towards HEYL Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. 
  • Settings/childminders in boroughs with no local Healthy Early Years (HEY) support will need to access support and quality assurance to progress through the HEYL Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.  

Next steps 

Boroughs, settings and childminders will receive guidance on how to participate in HEYL.  We will be providing ongoing information, advice and support and networking opportunities over the next few months to help boroughs and settings take part in HEYL.

We are more than happy to answer any queries you have and would appreciate if you could notify us of any changes to contact details. Please do email the HEYL programme team at

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and the Deputy Mayor for Education and Childcare, Joanne McCartney, are genuinely excited about launching this new programme and improving the health and wellbeing of London’s children – we hope you are too.

We would appreciate your collaboration in encouraging and supporting boroughs, settings and childminders to find ways to engage in Healthy Early Years London. 

Thank you for your interest and support.