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Barriers and Facilitators to Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour in Children under 6

Systematic reviews are always a challenging read – but this one is definitely worth sticking with. A really useful document that drills down to the causes of 'positive activity behaviours' – and highlights where our efforts would have the most effect.

A systematic review of has been published exploring the qualitative evidence on barriers and facilitators to physical activity and sedentary behaviour in young children (aged 0-6).

The review looked at perceptions of children, parents and childcare providers on their barriers and enablers to physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Overall, 77 barriers and facilitators were identified which fitted into seven broad themes: the child, the home, out of home childcare, parent-childcare provider interaction, environment, safety and weather.

DOWNLOAD: Barriers and facilitators to young children’s physical activity and sedentary behaviour: a systematic review and synthesis of qualitative literature.