PESS Premium Monitoring

Primary PE & Sport Premium Funding

Please, everyone, have a look at this. Some points here that need to be considered very seriously – particularly with the level of funding involved.

Reception is not included in this scheme – but its success (or otherwise) will definitely affect EY in the future, in some shape or form.

Sports Think Tank have published the following downloadable blogs in recent years that are certainly worth reading. They also throw into public light considerable failings stemming from the previous National School Sports Strategy and whether important lessons have yet to be fully appreciated.

If you have any thoughts – please get back to us! We need some open debate about this. We do not need `another fine mess'.

See the documents below

  1. The PESS Premium And Why...
  2. Learning From The Former National School Sports Strategy
  3. The New Sports Strategy And The Outsourcing of Physical Education
  4. A Multi-Axis Approach...
  5. TES Articles Combined