15 May, 2017

Prime Time Physical: A movement approach to learning and development

Book review of Practical Pre-School Books by Jo Blank. Reviewed by Dr Lala Manners.


With physical development firmly established as a Prime Area, and the plan for the Early Years curriculum to be amended to reflect the Chief Medical Officer’s Early Years Physical Activity guidelines (as stated in the recent Childhood Obesity Strategy), Jo Blank has created an accessible and useful resource to encourage parents and practitioners to actively support children’s overall physical development, health and wellbeing.

The first part provides some answers to the ‘why is movement so important to children?’ question – in terms of physical play, skill acquisition, dance and the curriculum. Clearly presented and well argued – a range of activities is offered that illuminate and support each area. Part Two – ‘The 8-week development programme’ – is the stronger in terms of content, reflecting Jo’s wealth of experience as a teacher and trainer.

Clearly constructed, there are many excellent ideas and suggestions for daily practice. The ‘Audit’ section is particularly useful – and will definitely provoke adults to look more closely at what children are actually up to, and plan accordingly. I particularly like the reflective exercises. Whether you are drawn to a more dance-based, skills-based, or a movement-for-learning-based approach, there is definitely something for everyone here.

By Jo Blank
Practical Pre-School Books
ISBN: 978-1909280922
Cost: £21.99