Active Matters
A website dedicated to Early Years Physical Development


Tumble Tots - Skills for Life
The springboard to confidence for your child

Leaps and Bounds
Early Years wing of Tumbletots - strong on underpinning knowledge and good resources

Fit for Sport - Keeping the Future Fit
Provides activity programmes during holidays including sessions for children 4 years upwards

Gymboree classes utilises a combination of music, movement, props, imaginary play and custom designed and patented apparatus.

Find Loads of Toddler Activities on 25 Pinterest Boards

Instead of writing another post about my favorite toddler activities, I thought it might be better to show you where I get my inspiration for my favorite toddler activities!

These Pinterest toddler activities boards!

Boing Whoosh RolyPoly!

A brilliantly simple, accessible – and sustainable – approach to supporting children’s physical development through outdoor play.

Really good suggestions for parents to get involved and have some fun being active – and silly – with their children.

The underpinning knowledge is available, if there is interest or concern.


fit for sport | activity challenge

Since launching in April this year, the Activity Challenge has encouraged thousands of children aged 4-11 to get active. Through schools, community events, partners and parents, the Activity Challenge is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ tool for measuring children’s activity levels and we would love to work with Active Matters to really make a difference.


The Institute for Early Years

ABOUT US | The Institute for Early Years 

Our Motivation

The authentic integration of early childhood services makes a resounding difference to outcomes for children and ensures that services are uniquely placed to support families in making good choices and seeking out the help they need for themselves and their children. Health, education and family support services are strengthened when they work collaboratively and understand the potential of strong connections.



bitescience - the key to research on young consumers

bitescience scan academic publications on young consumers from a wide range of disciplines and select the most important, valuable and constructive research findings. They adapt these academic texts into the Bitescience Research Updates: bite-size, accessible, and attractive short articles with clear graphics and tangible take-away points. Together, these updates form the Bitescience Knowledge Database, a continuously growing body of scientific knowledge, brought to you in bite-size portions. 


Capre is the Children’s Activity Professionals Register. A Children’s Activity Professional is someone who delivers physical activity for children

Capre is the Children’s Activity Professionals Register. A Children’s Activity Professional is someone who delivers physical activity for children and young people in the area of multi-disciplinary games, sports, and physical activity.

Capre, is an independent register for individuals working in the children’s physical activity industry which:

  • Recognises the expertise and qualifications of those working in children’s activity roles
  • Offers assurance to parents, schools and employers that all registered children’s activity professionals have suitable qualifications and the ability to perform their specific roles
  • Provides a system of regulation to ensure that individuals meet agreed National Occupational Standards, which describe the knowledge, competence and skills of good practice.

The Register is owned and operated by SkillsActive, the not-for-profit Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being.

Capre receives support from our partner COMPASS, and other key organisations in the industry: Fit for Sport, Let Me Play, Fulham FC Foundation, Super Camps and Sports Plus Scheme.


How Brains are Built: The Core Story of Brain Development

Video Published on Oct 18, 2013

The AFWI is pleased to announce the launch of our first animated video, which presents the core story of brain development in an accessible and visually engaging format for public audiences.


Electronic media use increased risk of poor well-being among young children

By Trina Hinkley, published in JAMA Pediatrics.   March 18, 2014

Poorer well-being in children may be linked to high-level use of electronic media, and girls appear to be at greater risk than boys, according to recent study results published in JAMA Pediatrics.

Trina Hinkley, PhD, of the Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, and colleagues evaluated 3,604 children aged 2 to 6 years (mean age, 4.3 years; 52.4% male) who participated in the Identification and Prevention of Dietary- and Lifestyle-Induced Health Effects in Children and Infants (IDEFICS) to determine the effect of early childhood electronic media use and well-being 2 years later. Baseline data was collected from Sept. 1, 2007, through June 30, 2008, and follow-up data was collected from Sept. 1, 2009, through May 31, 2010.



The Play Doctors - Being Included Matters!

The Play Doctors are a family run company supporting the inclusion of all children particularly those with unseen impairments, social communication difficulties, who have English as a second language or are just beginning to talk.


Kinedu - Every Moment Counts

Kickstart your child's development and build a foundation for future learning.
Kinedu is your baby's personalized developmental roadmap - helping you develop nourishing and meaningful relationships through creative activities, helpful tips, and unique 'moments'.