Dedicated to early years physical development

About activematters

Activematters is an international website dedicated to Early Years physical development, activity, health and wellbeing.

Our aim is to create a vibrant, knowledgeable and motivated community with access to the latest resources, information and expertise.

Whether you are a parents and / or professionals, students or academics, we hope you will be supported and inspired by the range of materials included in the various sections.

Activematters is a comprehensive, reliable and easily-accessed reference tool, a unique and free resource that is open to all.

We encourage dialogue between all stakeholders and interested parties.

Let us know of any unpublished work in our field, events and relevant publications and what your training needs may be during this challenging period.

The activematters approach ensures all young children will able to:

  • Move with confidence, imagination and safety
  • Move with control and co-ordination
  • Travel around, under, over, and through balancing and climbing apparatus
  • Show awareness of space, of themselves and others
  • Recognise the importance of keeping healthy and the things that contribute to this
  • Recognise the changes that happen to their bodies when they become active
  • Use a range of small and large equipment
  • Handle tools, objects, and malleable materials safely and with increasing control 


activematters expresses its mission in terms of three broad goals:

  • To support Physical Development as a Prime Area of Learning in the EYFSC
  • To ensure practitioners/professionals receive appropriate, high quality training that supports the design and delivery of safe and effective practical sessions.
  • To build a high-performing, inclusive organisations to promote physical activity in diverse settings with a range of professional disciplines.

Vision Statement

  • All children will have access to a safe and effective experience to promote and enhance their physical development.
  • All practitioners will gain an appropriate level of unpinning knowledge and training to ensure Physical Development is actively supported as a Prime area of learning.
  • All practitioners will be supported long-term to secure their commitment to Physical Development and opportunities for Child Physical Development in this field can be afforded.
  • Families will be supported by practitioners/professionals to ensure understanding and use of appropriate resources.
  • Inclusive practice will be actively supported by practitioners/professionals.

Strategic Objectives

activematters long term goals are:

  • Provide a range of  professional development opportunities in the Physical Development field for all those working with young children
  • Convene individuals and groups with similar interests/issues through a range of media to debate/discuss issues relating to Physical Development /well-being of young people.
  • Design and disseminate standards of practice for the Physical Development component of the EYFSC
  • Implementing systems to recognize early childhood education programs and early childhood professional preparation programs that meet CACHE standards and guidelines.
  • Building public understanding and support for activities and services that promote the healthy development and learning of all young children and their families.
  • Advocating for public policies and funding to support a comprehensive system of high-quality early childhood education for all young children and families.
  • Fostering the development of a network of high-performing, inclusive organizations that share the goal of promoting excellence in early childhood education for all young children.

Statement of Philosophy & Values

Accomplishing activematters mission is dependent on:

  • Building the commitment, loyalty, and enthusiasm of thousands of people by providing opportunities for participation, contribution, and building consensus on critical issues.
  • Valuing and respecting individuals with diverse viewpoints and perspectives who share a commitment to the education and development of young children.