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Movement Skills

Why Hopscotch Matters

movingsmartblog | Gill Connell Hopscotch was one of my favorite games as a child and it still is today. In fact, Hopscotch proves one of my pet theories that (in most cases) what’s fun for kids is good for kids. ...



Learning to Swim on Dry Land!

movingsmart blog | GILL CONNELL | CHERYL MCCARTHY AN INTRODUCTION TO WATER No matter the age, comfort and confidence in the water is a mandatory first step in achieving safety, relaxation, proficiency, and enjoyment in...


What Cardboard Boxes Can Teach Kids

Moving Smart | Like red rubber balls and teddy bears, broccoli refusals, skipping rope, sticky fingers, boo boo kisses, bath time pouts, and nighty night tuck ins, I think cardboard...


Physical Activity and Play for Toddlers

Infant & Toddler Forum | Physical Activity and Play for Toddlers Three hours of physical activity each day are recommended Children of all ages should be active – it is vital for their physical and mental health and...



Learning & Development: Rhythm – A fact of Life

06 September 2013 written by Dr Lala Manners published by Nursery World Rhythm is a critical area for both communication and physical skills development, so how can practitioners ensure children’s learning is...