2 Jul, 2014

The Power of Physical Play.

Siren Films have just launched their new DVD ‘The Power of Physical Play.’ This is a beautifully conceived and executed piece of work by Siren Films  – it gets to the very heart of the primal need for young children to engage in physical play – not just for the obvious health benefits but for what it teaches them about managing life generally: how to accommodate, adapt, negotiate, delegate, self-regulate, persevere, have fun, laugh, take risks, make choices.

It is wonderful to see adults play such an engaged and effective role  – non intrusive but critical to the ‘scaffolding’ that is so important to learning – and offering the much needed yet rarely witnessed ‘useful feedback.’

I have watched this film many times now – and there is always something to delight and marvel at. I really think – that despite the price – this is an essential investment – beg- borrow-steal!