6 Mar, 2014

Fundamental movement skill performance of pre -school children in relation to family context

Journal of Sports Sciences. April 2011 : 29 (7) :649-660 – COOLS W, DE MARTELAER K, SAMAEY C, ANDRIES C

This is an interesting paper as it examines closely the influence and impact that family setting and dispositions have on the acquisition of Fundamental Movement Skills for children 4-6 years – although FMS as a term may be considered contentious in some fields of research. The abstract states , ‘As parents play an important role in the socialisation process, the aim of this study was to examine correlates of family and neighbourhood characteristics as well as parental behaviour and beliefs on FMS performance.’ The study took place in Belgium but there are definite messages we can absorb from these findings that would have a positive effect on the ways in which we can support parental support and engagement in physical activities with young children.

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