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PESS Premium Monitoring

Accountability and Scrutiny Data Analysis

An analysis of 86 primary schools in the London borough of Croydon, seen by Schools Week, found a quarter had no evidence online for how the funding was spent last year.


Accountability and Scrutiny Initiative (Updated)

Following on from our monitoring efforts of Primary PE & Sports Premium as well as our recent proposal centred upon accountability and scrutiny involving the sampling of a number of boroughs, our organisation has received...




Freedom of Information Request: Primary PE & Sports Premium Spending / Accounting

As a result of the information received, contributors to our PESS Premium monitoring will be interested to know that we submitted a Freedom of Information Request to the Department for Education on 26th March asking for details of those schools who have failed to comply with set regulations and who have been required to ‘pay back the whole or any part of the Premium.



Primary PE & Sport Premium Responses (3)

We have continued to receive more extremely interesting feedback regarding practices occurring within both past and present National School Sports strategies.

Primary PE & Sport Premium Responses (2)

Following comments received that were recently posted online (15th Sept), we have continued to receive very interesting feedback regarding practices occurring within the present National School Sports Strategy.