10 Sep, 2019

Accountability and Scrutiny Data Analysis

Case Study 1: London Borough of Croydon

A natural starting point has been to start with this particular borough that received particular criticism from Schools Week dated Fri 5thOctober 2018.

An analysis of 86 primary schools in the London borough of Croydon, seen by Schools Week, found a quarter had no evidence online for how the funding was spent last year.

Four in five of the schools (79 per cent) had yet to provide the completed statutory performance report.

Investigation: Schools accused of fudging sport premium funding

We wanted to ascertain the scale of progress that one would have expected this borough to have subsequently produced, especially given the active support of a school sports partnership. Our research as conducted post DfE statutory deadline (31stJuly) has revealed that:

94.1% have yet to provide the completed statutory performance report.

For further information, please refer to the Excel spreadsheet that provides broken down school by school analysis. Given the extent of public money that has been used to fund this national strategy and that we have now entered its seventh year of operation, we firmly believe that it is in the national interest to shine a light upon the ongoing evident lack of accountability and scrutiny. Please note that we will not comply with requests to change any of the data online pending late changes made by schools as a result of the publication of any case study

We will be providing further borough case studies on a week by week basis.

Croydon Borough Primary PE Premium Annual Report Scrutiny 2018-19.xlsx