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A international website dedicated to Early Years Physical Development

Our aim is to create a vibrant, knowledgeable and motivated community with access to the latest information on EY/PD from a network of practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

All topics and information are explored from three perspectives: development, services, policy papers and organizations that are gathered under the umbrella themes of EY/PD. It also features two sections, entitled Library and New Works that focus on new published work relating to this field.

activematters is a comprehensive, reliable and easy-to-use reference tool, a unique and free resource devoted to promoting accessibility and knowledge transfer in our field.

activematters also offers a range of training opportunities in EY/PD to wide variety of professionals working/qualified at Level 3 and above.  We can also assist in the sourcing of workshops on related topics, should it be required.

activematters is a comprehensive, reliable and easy to access reference tool for all those working with young children – from whatever professional background – EY – sports – therapeutic – care – education – management – health. Parents and carers are also encouraged to engage.