19 Jul, 2019

Movement Environment Rating Scale (MOVERS) for 2–6-year-olds provision

By Carol Archer and Professor Iram Siraj

The MOVERS is a valuable resource for early years educational centres to use to evaluate and improve their practice and provision in the vital curriculum area of physical development. Importantly this scale is unique in that is can be used to assess the quality of the environment and practice but also to identify areas of need for professional development.

The MOVERS is for 2-6 year olds provision focusing on movement and physical activity and includes support materials covering language, the benefits of early movement patterns to young children’s development and learning, nutrition and sleep.

There are 4 sub-scales which enable settings to evaluate:

  • the curriculum, environment and resources
  • pedagogy for physical development
  • supporting physical activity and critical thinking
  • parents/carers and staff

The four sub-scales include 11 items covering:

  • arranging space, providing resources indoors and outdoors, gross motor skills, body movement to support fine motor skills;
  • staff engagement in movement with children, observation, assessment and planning;
  • extending children’s movement vocabulary, sustained shared thinking, supporting children’s curiosity and problem solving; and
  • informing families about children’s physical development and the benefits to their learning, development and health.

The MOVERS scores range from 1 to 7, where 1 = inadequate, 3 = minimal, 5 = good and 7 = excellent.

There are examples of supplementary information which clarify details in the indicators where necessary.

This book includes a number of photographs of the children moving in action.

The MOVERS is part of a family of rating scales including ECERS-E and SSTEW which measure quality and well-being of the environment and pedagogy for the whole child, assessing the key domains of early learning: cognitive, social-emotional and physical. They are all published by UCL Institute of Education Press, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H OAL www.ucl-ioe-press.com