5 Aug, 2019

Accountability and Scrutiny Initiative (Updated)

Following on from our monitoring efforts of Primary PE & Sports Premium as well as our recent proposal centred upon accountability and scrutiny involving the sampling of a number of boroughs, our organisation has received many supportive public and private messages of endorsement. We have therefore decided to dedicate time and resources to vetting at least 10 boroughs from this month and working into the Autumn term. This date falls into line with DfE’s published deadline for all primary state schools to publish this year’s annual statutory report regarding breakdown of spend, impact and sustainability by the elapsed date of 31st July:


We have already publicised details of our accountability and scrutiny initiative by way of extensive email and social media with Active Partnerships also expected to conduct their own checks.

For further information, please refer to our Primary PE Premium Accountability & Scrutiny Statement with a screenshot copy of the spreadsheet Borough Primary PE Premium Annual Report Scrutiny Template as made available: