20 Nov, 2019

News from a teacher, some wonderful examples of spontaneous work with apparatus

We had a very interesting week last week. Our favourite resources?

A length of magic hose that I was given. I cut the end off and then tied it in a circle. It is soooo stretchy that it is like a bungee cord. Children have been crawling across the floor with it around their waste, against the tension of me holding the other end, seeing how far they can crawl before the stretch pulls them back!

One of our three year old children (with two older sisters) was fascinating to watch as she French skipped (naturally) between the two lengths of cord as I formed a loop on the floor between two chairs. She was jumping and landing with her feet on both sides of the cord and then jumping in the loop. She just kept going and told me her sisters skip in this way too. We copied each other as we moved in different ways between the loop.

Still more children seemed to enjoy exploring speed and traction as they held on while I launched them sliding across our smooth hard floor on their tummies with the hose as well.

We have an 8ft by 4ft sheet of ply board too. I put four big sofa cushions underneath and a couple of rolls of carpet as I layed it on the floor. This was just used in so many ways by our children. Two where engrossed in taking a run up from either end before running across and passing each other in the middle over and over again (jousting style).

One of our two year old looked like she was enjoying hearing the sound of her shoes on the board as she walked across. This same little girl became absorbed through placing a couple of traffic cones beside her on the board and then watching them move as she bounced up and down.

Other children bounced across on space hoppers while others rode a didicar across. Of course, it made a pretty good ‘trampoline’ as well!

I also have a length of down pipe that I taped horizontally between two child sized chairs. The creativity that I observed around this was great too.

I watched as a two year old boy sat himself on top of a chair with the pipe between his legs. He shoved carpet bowls up the pipe and then giggled, saying “here it comes” as he felt the vibration of the ball rolling back along the pipe underneath him.

Other children walked along the length of the pipe with feet either side on the floor, so some good balance on show.

Others still, laid headfirst over the tube on their tummies before launching themselves forward into a forward roll, of sorts, across the crash mats.

I’ve also got an old duvet cover that I tied up beneath our horizontal ladder on the climbing frame. Our children have chosen to spend lots of time in the duvet hammock.

Some climb across the ladder and lower themselves through the rungs into the hammock underneath, while others go in head first from standing position. They have been pushing each other (swinging back and forth). No one has fallen asleep in there yet but I reckon someone will eventually, it’s very cosy and emotionally safe.

Looking forward to seeing what we get up to this week.