6 Mar, 2014

Using Interactive Fitness and Exergames to develop Physical Literacy

Physical and Health Education Journal . Spring 2010 12 – 19; SHEEHAN D, KATZ L

In February 2014 it was decided in Australia that sports games such as Wiifit and games for Xbox Kinect and Play Station Move would receive an independent health rating in an attempt to boost the fitness levels of children 7-11 years who play them. It is hoped that the ratings system will encourage game designers to modify existing games and develop new ones that will bring greater health benefits. This article was written a few years earlier in 2010– but you can sense the progression and get more of a feel for the justification behind the Australian initiative. The authors examine the five components that they propose as essential for motivating children to participate in physical activity. They then transpose these components to the engagement with interactive games – this  article is well worth reading – and may provide useful information when engaging with parents of children who are reluctant to participate in active group sessions.


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