6 Mar, 2014

Paper Clip Chain Fine Motor Skills Craft for Kids

From Hands On as We Grow – Preshoolers, 3 to 3 1/2 years, 5 to 6 years

A quick paper clip craft for the kids to make is a simple paper clip chain that’s excellent for fine motor skills!

Something I’m learning from the supplies activities poll I asked last week is that paper clips are in most of your homes.

And yep, I have them too.

All that is needed is paper clips. Just paper clips. Easy enough. So go raid your desk drawer.

And then the kids simply go to work hooking the paper clips together to make a simple chain.

I had to show George how to hook them together, but once shown, he got the hang of it pretty quickly!

It was a great fine motor activity for him to work his fingers and really concentrate on how to do it. Good for Henry too!

The boys decided what they wanted to do with their paper clip chains, and it was going to be a necklace. [We like to make simple necklaces!]

George thought a bracelet first and quickly changed his mind when he had already made a chain longer than what was needed.

Henry kept trying his chain around his neck to see if it was long enough and while he could get it around his neck just fine, he wasn’t able to then pull it over his head when he hooked it together. So he had multiple attempts making his chain long enough.

Eventually it was plenty long and he decided to add a ring he got for Valentine’s Day as a decoration.

The boys wore them for the afternoon, but it didn’t take long for them to decide it was itchy and the paper clips kept poking at their neck.

Henry wanted to add pom poms to it to soften it up! Not sure if a paper clip could thread a pom pom or not. But that might be worth a try. We never did try it.

Since we’ve made necklaces with straws and now paper clips, what other common materials could be used to make a simple necklace?

My kids loved making this paper clip chain, so I’d love to find other simple ideas!

Henry is 5.5 years old. George is 3 years old.