25 Nov, 2015

Active play evidence briefing

Public Health Ontario has produced an evidence briefing on promoting active play for children aged 0-12. The evidence briefing identifies what type of community-based interventions are being implemented to promote active play in children and youth aged 0 to 12, and whether they have been effective? 

From the 20 studies included in the review, the main findings were:

  • modifications to the school play environment by adding markings or equipment increased physical activity
  • short term increases in physical activity occurred following playground modifications in pre-school settings, eg, looping paths, grassy hills and open spaces
  • opening school playgrounds to communities outside of school hours, public park renovations and a skate park renovation show varying increases in physical activity 
  • providing community access after school and on weekends to a supervised playground in the inner-city leads to increased usage and activity levels.