21 Nov, 2018

An innovative approach to baby swimming

Acknowledging the entire experience for parents, babies and young children of arriving at the pool, getting changed, entering the water and moving in a different element – this approach promotes swimming as an important part of experiential learning rather than a necessary physical skill.

The Aqua Sensory fact sheets are comprehensive – and the blogs definitely worth reading.

Fact sheets

Relax & Connect
Confidence Fact Sheet
Discover Water Dancing

Blog links

Swimming too early – slowing down and to encourage more swimming at home in the bath
Movement in the pool from a baby’s perspective
Play in the pool – do watch their little video
Child respect – letting baby decide
Baby swimming – creates strong bonds – a general parent information article

You Tube videos

Our Aqua Sensory ethos – created this for the STA National Conference
Let’s dance with our babies – parent interest video
Are you Ready for a Mind shift? – created for the the World Infant Aquatic Conference