28 Apr, 2016

Australia National Education Evidence Base

Austrialian Goverment Productivity Commission | April 2016

The Australian Government is committed to working collaboratively with the states and territories to build a world-class education system that equips children to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. Having comprehensive and consistent data that underpins a national evidence base will inform education policy and help improve educational outcomes for children.

While a significant amount of data is currently collected on students, schools and the workforce, data reported nationally is more limited and often inconsistent. Valuable data is also collected outside schools, including in early childhood education and care. Improved access and greater ability to link and analyse national data could enhance the quality and scope of national education evidence that can be used to monitor educational outcomes and inform policy development and evaluation.

Through consultation with states and territories, education authorities and other key stakeholders, this Inquiry will help to identify current investment in national data collection and education evidence, opportunities to collectively invest further, and how we can improve the effectiveness of our investment through a more streamlined, comprehensive and collaborative national approach.

Improving the collection and management of education data in Australia will assist to create a more robust national education evidence base for effective policy and program development to meet our national education objectives and lift our national productivity. 

Productivity Commission Issues Paper