3 Feb, 2015

By Simply Reading the Packaging Labels Will Go a Long Way In Protecting Your Child’s Health

Empire State Tribune | February 2 2015

Toddler foods, which include those for meals and snacks contain more sugar and salt that may influence their choices of foods later in life. Food with too much salt and sugar could contribute to obesity and other health conditions which may include diabetes and heart disease. This is the result of a recent government research.

The study showed that in ten toddler dinners seven contain too much salt. That’s a whopping 70 percent. The same study came out with the data that most cereal bars and breakfast pastries contain added sugar. This includes infant and toddler snacks, according to the study by researchers at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They suggest that parents should be fully aware of what is written in the food labels and opt for foods with healthier ingredients.

Included in the research were over1, 000 food products sold in the market for infants and toddlers. They studied the information found on the packages and labels. The result of the research can be found in the journal Pediatrics on Monday.