29 Aug, 2014

Child weight data fact sheet

Public Health England

  • Obesity among 2–10 year olds rose from 10% in 1995 to around 13% in 2010-2012 according to Health Survey for England (HSE) figures.
  • According to the HSE, in 2012, obesity prevalence among 11–15 year olds was 18.7% (Table 2)
  • The 2012/13 National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) showed that obesity prevalence among 4–5 year olds (Reception) was 9.3% and among 10–11 year olds (Year 6) was 18.9%
  • Analysis of all years of NCMP measurements suggests a decrease in obesity prevalence among boys in Reception that may represent a longer- term downward trend