2 Jun, 2015

Cute? No, chubby babies face a lifetime of medical problems including obesity, Erb’s Palsy and hypoglycemia

We tend to think of chubby babies as cute — those rolls of fat only making them even more cuddly. However, it seems that view may be dangerously outdated.

Experts are warning that a boom in the number of babies being born obese is creating a catalogue of health problems for both mothers and their children.

Recent figures show more than 1,400 newborns have been classified as obese (weighing 9 lb 15 oz or more) in the UK since 2011. The average weight for a boy is 7 lb 8 oz and for a girl 7 lb 4 oz — around 2 oz higher than in 1971 — but a number of hospitals are now delivering so-called ‘sumo babies’, weighing 12 lb or more.

  • Experts warn that the number of obese babies being born has increased
  • Figures show more than 1,400 newborns have been classified as obese 
  • Pregnant women who are overweight are more likely to have obese babies
  • A sugary diet in pregnancy can cause the baby to suffer hypoglycemia