1 Jul, 2019

Do children really need toys?

The Project

After February half term Ilminster Avenue is going to do a research project called ‘The Nursery with No Toys’ and for a month we are going to remove what we think of as traditional toys from inside and outside the classroom.


We are curious to see how children and adults will react when we remove the toys. This is a project they do regularly in German Kindergartens with interesting results, and we are keen to do our own research
because this makes us understand your child’s learning even more. We are not doing this to deprive your child– they will still have access to lots of things to develop their learning, including the most powerful thing of all: their minds!

What can you do?

We are going to ask you to collect boxes, cardboard, and anything that we can use to make, build and use your child’s imagination. All the classrooms are doing it a little differently and you may get requests for material, junk and recycling– ask in the rooms or watch out for a letter!

Why don’t you try this at home too?

Imagine a month of no toys at home, or you might even decide to have a break from screens for a month? You could use Tapestry to keep an online diary of this and help us do some re- search too!

The Nursery with no toys results

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