29 May, 2015

Early Childhood Unit Bulletin

28th May 2015 | Highlights in this issue

Policy: *Short changed: the true cost of cuts to children’s benefits

Practice: *Early years agenda: an evidence-based manifesto for change

The Alliance has published its Early Years Agenda – an evidence-based manifesto for change for the new government.

The manifesto focuses on three key areas of policy: funding, schoolification and Ofsted, and outlines the Alliance’s key calls to action, all of which are underpinned by objective and impartial evidence.

You can order a free hard copy by contacting Information Services on T: 020 7697 2595 or E: info@pre-school.org.uk

Research:… For the love of children and the joy of childhood’: the reported values, beliefs and practices of male practitioners within early childhood education and care in England

To share your views on the Agenda, please contact feedback@pre-school.org.uk.

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