23 Sep, 2015

Give siblings the right to go to the same school, say parents

The Telegraph | Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent | 22 Sep 2015

Ministers have been urged to match a pledge by the UK Government to give siblings the right to attend the same school amid concerns over brothers and sisters being split up at a popular Edinburgh primary.

Parents at Towerbank Primary in Portobello are facing the possibility of having to send pre-school children to a different school from their brothers and sisters and believe there should be a national policy on the issue.


“There has been a whole push to send your child to the local school. We did send our child to the local school and now it could be changed so that his sister can’t go to that school. There is just a general belief among parents that kids have the right to be together.”

Mr MacAskill said he had written to Angela Constance, the Education Minister, asking for the Scottish Government’s position.

He said the issue was fraught and there was a concern over sibling separation, although he was not sure a statutory solution was necessary.

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said it was up to the council to decide “how best to provide educational provision that meets local needs”.