15 Mar, 2015

How we are becoming nation of digital makers

BBC News | Technology | Jane Wakefield | 12 March 2015

In schools up and down the country, children are making apps, building robots and programming Raspberry Pi computers as if their lives depended on it.

And it does not end in class – after-school coding clubs, children’s hacking weekends and fairs dedicated to science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem subjects) are popping up everywhere.

Already the internet contributes 8% to the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP), but according to Microsoft, one-in-four IT-related jobs went unfilled in 2012.

Abstract : A recent report from innovation charity Nesta, Young Digital Makers, says: “As technology shapes our world, young people need to be able to shape it too.

“As skills and work become increasingly technologically mediated, the need for digital skills is paramount.”

Digital making should “become part of the national psyche for the next generation” a key element of youth culture, it says.

More than 80% of the schoolchildren interviewed for the report said they had already made something using digital technology.