8 Aug, 2018

Introducing the Pikler approach

A series of four workshops facilitated by Pikler specialist Dorothy Marlen and Pikler enthusiast Clare Caro.

The Pikler approach provides a new paradigm of early childhood care for the 21st Century. Created and developed by Dr Emmi Pikler and her team in Budapest, Hungary, the Pikler Institute in Budapest trains professional carers from all over the world. We in the UK now have the opportunity to learn about Pikler’s extraordinary insights into how to care for the true needs of the young child, particularly from birth to three.

The main principles of the Pikler approach are the importance of self-initiated movement from birth and the importance of relationship based care. Together these two principles provide the ideal conditions for healthy development, play and learning. These workshops will provide a thought-provoking introduction to the approach; the Pikler Institute in Budapest and the Pikler UK Association both offer more extensive and in-depth courses.

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