14 Apr, 2014

NCB Latest: Children’s centre survey report

A new report from NCB shows that parents and practitioners greatly value children’s centres and the services they provide to families, and that their continued funding should be secured.

The report based on a survey of over 200 practitioners and parents,, set out to discover what they value most about children’s centres, and to establish where they feel resources should be targeted in the future.

NCB Children’s Centre essay collection

Children’s centres are at the heart of most communities, providing a range of on site and outreach services to support young children and their families. With recent economic constraints, many centre’s are not operating a full service.

In this a collection of essays, Partnerships for a Better Start: Perspectives on the role of children’s centres,  Naomi Eisenstadt, Professor Edward Melhuish, Lisa Harker, Dr Ingrid Wolfe and Dame Clare Tickell set out their ideas on how children’s centres could look in the future.