9 Feb, 2016

Ofsted report on alternative provision for schools

Ofsted | First published:9 February 2016

Today’s report, commissioned by the Department for Education (DfE), was carried out over a 3 year period and follows up the results of an initial survey in 2011, which found significant weaknesses in the way schools used alternative provision.

Ofsted inspectors visited 165 schools and 448 of the alternative providers they used. The survey reveals that:

  • more schools are refusing to use alternative provision if they do not think it is of a good enough standard

  • schools have developed in-house alternatives when good quality provision is not available locally

  • more schools are working together to find and commission good quality alternative provision

  • providers are usually safe, with reasonable accommodation and resources available to students

  • a small number of providers are contravening regulations regarding registration, and schools are not always checking providers’ registration status.