15 Sep, 2017

School Ready? A survey of school leaders by NAHT and Family and Childcare Trust – September 2017

It’s that time of year – again – when the ‘school-readiness’ question is asked, and possible answers supplied.

Have a look at this recently published report – the stats are predictably worrying.

78% of those who responded to the questionnaire (total 780 – a fair number) cite physical development as being ‘of concern.’
This includes ‘issues of co ordination, control and movement eg. putting on outdoor clothes or using the toilet independently.’
None of this is much of a surprise – we have been aware of these difficulties for a long time.

What is most interesting is that 97% cite ‘Speech, Language and Communication’ – as being ‘of concern’ – and 94% cite ‘Personal, Social and Emotional Development.’

Do they not understand that physical skills underpin/inform/support these two developmental domains?
That by engaging in physical play (particularly outdoors) – language is rehearsed/refined in relevant/meaningful contexts – and vital communication skills are practised?
That children who are physically competent have better embedded social skills – more friends – and are generally more confident in managing transitions?

We need to reiterate this very loudly, clearly – and consistently.

Your comments would be most welcome – there is much to consider here – especially around parenting support.

View the school ready report