26 May, 2016

Sturgeon announces school reform summit as part of ‘bold’ education plan

BBC News | Scotland politics | 25 May 2016

The Scottish government is to convene a “major summit” of education leaders in a bid to close the attainment gap between schools.

Nicola Sturgeon underlined education and the economy as her top priorities in a speech at Holyrood.

The first minister said her ministers aimed for “real and lasting progress towards true equality of opportunity”.

Opposition parties said they would work with the government on education, but urged “genuine reform”.

In her speech, Ms Sturgeon said work to close the attainment gap between schools would be “the mission, not just of this government or even this parliament, but of the country as a whole”.

She said: “Over the next few months, we will convene a major summit on school reform and raising attainment.

“It will bring together all the key stakeholders in education to look at what each of us can do to help raise attainment and how collectively we drive this work forward. We will invite party leaders and education spokespeople to attend.”