11 Jul, 2014

The Institute for Early Years

ABOUT US | The Institute for Early Years 

Our Motivation

The authentic integration of early childhood services makes a resounding difference to outcomes for children and ensures that services are uniquely placed to support families in making good choices and seeking out the help they need for themselves and their children. Health, education and family support services are strengthened when they work collaboratively and understand the potential of strong connections.


The purpose and key driver of the Institute for Early Years is to offer professional support to leaders and practitioners working across early childhood services, both nationally and internationally by:

  • initiating and maintaining active debate on early childhood in education, health and family support policy and intervention programmes
  • exploring curriculum and assessment development nationally and internationally, provoking discussion and influencing outcomes that work well for children
  • providing information to the widest range of stakeholders to encourage engagement in the advancement of policies that support high quality early childhood provision
  • developing an international early childhood learning and exchange platform where best and emerging practice can be shared
  • championing ideas and innovation in policy making, pedagogy and partnerships through ongoing and live discussion that has a direct impact on practice
  • promoting the best quality and co-ordinated early interventions for the most vulnerable children and families

We believe;

Investment in all aspects of high quality early childhood provision for children from conception to aged seven delivers high returns. The care, guidance and teaching provided by parents, professionals and other adults can be life changing, offering children the security and space to understand themselves, their identity and where they fit in the wider world.

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