27 Mar, 2015

The Parliamentary Inquiry into Parenting and Social Mobility

Enhancing parenting support across the UK  | All Party Parliamentary Group on Parents and Families  | All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility | March 2015

Children’s life chances are being affected because of a failure of early years services to actively engage with fathers, according to a new report from the Parliamentary Inquiry on Parenting and Social Mobility.

Fathers, who are crucial to children’s early development – which in turn is vital for children’s social mobility – are often sidelined when family services are being developed. According to evidence submitted to the Inquiry, family support is often designed with mothers rather than parents in mind, by for example conducting parental engagement in environments preferable to women such as children’s centres.

The report, which was launched in Parliament this week, brings together written and oral evidence, areas for action and recommendations on how Government can improve social mobility through parenting support in the early years.