18 Oct, 2015

The real risk to our kids? Mollycoddling

The Guardian | Viv Groskop | Sunday 18th October 2015

Abstract: Cliff-edge-abandonment-as-childcare-option emerged last week thanks to a new, all-party parliamentary group report on what constitutes “a fit and healthy childhood”. The report concluded that “risky play” is occasionally to be recommended for children, especially “playing near potentially dangerous elements such as water, cliffs and exploring alone with the possibility of getting lost”. Hey, parents, leave those kids alone! Clifftop activities are good for your wellbeing, guys! And childcare is expensive.

Abstract: The report cites endless research, a lot of it American in origin, depicting a society where children are increasingly less likely to walk or cycle to school or play outside. Childhood is instead dominated by “a toxic brew of adult fear (stranger danger, traffic density) and school restriction (shortened playtimes, ‘organised’ activity, poor use of space)”. This is a world where childhood has become “passive, sedentary and solitary”.