15 Feb, 2018

Three interesting articles courtesy of the new Chartered Institute for Teaching – all sourced from Canada

Well worth exploring joining this organisation – they provide a range of very useful services – and the papers/articles are current/relevant.

Canadian 24 hr movement guidelines for the early years (0-4 yrs) – exploring the perceptions of stakeholders.

These movement guidelines have had a much more positive reception than our own CMO/EY/PA guidelines – and this document goes some way to explaining why.
The ‘discussion’ section is particularly useful – it highlights the importance of all agencies working together to implement any guidelines effectively.

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Systematic review of the relationships between physical activity and health indicators in the early years (0-4)

This paper concludes that ‘Physical activity was consistently found to be favourably associated with a broad range of health indicators. it was consistently observed that more physical activity (in terms of frequency or duration) was better for health.’ A very thorough review – that supplies relevant data to support our practice. The conclusions are particularly useful.

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Physical Activity and Nutrition in Early Years Care Centres: Barriers and Facilitators.

Interesting to read that we share many of the difficulties experienced by Canadian practitioners – parental and co -worker engagement and support –  the role of the environment and local community – the lack of awareness/understanding at policy level. Some good ideas included here as to how small changes may be accumulated to significant effect.

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