13 Sep, 2018

ukactive Kids – Generation Inactive 2 – Nothing About Us, Without Us

This is an update on the previous UKA report – worth a read – with a few caveats:

  • There is some confusion as to what Physical Literacy is – variously described here as ‘an enlightened state of being/a disposition/a unique journey’. Have a look at the definitions adopted by South Africa, Australia and Canada – way more practical.
  • Is there any evidence that the collaboration between PHE and Disney to produce the ‘Train like a Jedi’ resources had any impact – at all – on children’s activity levels? Why should we ‘celebrate’ this initiative – and have funds allocated to ‘inspire further approaches of this nature’ without anyone asking any questions?
  • Page 31: ‘Expanding the team: Early Years’. The Childhood Obesity Plan claimed the government were going to ‘launch a campaign’ to raise awareness of the CMO/EY/PA guidelines – this never happened. It also said the revised EYFSC would ‘make specific reference’ to the guidelines – yes, it did, as a minute footnote on page 8 – as a resource practitioners ‘may like to make reference to.’
  • The EY curriculum does not ‘specifically mandate’ (and never did) ‘which and how much physical activity a child should be doing’.

See the report