18 Aug, 2016

Childhood Obesity | A Plan for Action

Commentary by Dr Lala Manners | 18 August 2016

In an overall weak strategy – what are the positives for EY/PD/PA?

  • That EY is recognised as a critical period that informs and supports the future health and wellbeing of all young children.
  • ‘Updating’ the EYFS Framework to include the CMO EY PA guidelines is a much-needed amendment that will support the PD component of the curriculum.
  • This will ensure that PA is embedded in daily practice and will drive changes in accompanying assessment procedures for this area.
  • Ofsted will then be encouraged to amend their inspection procedures to include measures taken by settings to support PA/Health and Wellbeing.
  • Practitioners will therefore be encouraged to seek relevant training to ensure they fully support PA within their PD practice.

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