7 Apr, 2015

Dear Nigel Farage – children will play if we close roads, not borders

The Guardian | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion | Communities | Friday 3 April 2015

Abstract: I’m as keen on playing out, obviously, as the next parent scrabbling around desperately for Easter holiday entertainment. One of the main reasons we left London not long after becoming parents was precisely to recreate the kind of muddy, faintly feral rural childhoods my husband and I had; four years of bike rides and blackberrying, building dens and fishing for sticklebacks have duly followed.

Yet every survey like the one published this week, suggesting two thirds of modern children have never made a daisy chain and half have never been on a proper picnic, is a guilty reminder to do more of this stuff because – well, everyone knows it’s a Good Thing, don’t they?