18 Sep, 2015

School technology struggles to make an impact

BBC News | Business |  Andreas Schleicher | OECD education director | 15 Sept 2015

Information and communication technology has revolutionised virtually every aspect of our life and work.

Students unable to navigate through a complex digital landscape will no longer be able to participate fully in the economic, social and cultural life around them.

But those in charge of educating today’s “connected” learners are confronted with challenging issues, from information overload to plagiarism, from protecting children from online risks such as fraud, violations of privacy or online bullying to setting an adequate and appropriate media diet.

Abstract: We expect schools to educate our children to become critical consumers of internet services and electronic media. And we expect them to raise awareness about the risks that children face online and how to avoid them.

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The Pisa assessments now provide first-of-its-kind internationally comparative analysis of the digital skills that students have acquired, and of the learning environments designed to develop these skills.

These data show that the reality in schools lags considerably behind the promise of technology.