3 Feb, 2015

Smartphone, tablet overuse among toddlers may stunt development

CBC News  | Matt Kwong | Feb 03, 2015 

They’re called “smart” devices, but overloading toddlers with smartphones and other mobile technology could hold back their development.

So say researchers with Boston University’s School of Medicine in a new commentary in the journal Pediatrics.

“Use of mobile media to occupy young children during daily routines such as errands, car rides and eating out is becoming a common behavioural regulation tool: what the industry terms a ‘shut-up toy,'” the paper says.

A new commentary in the journal Pediatrics suggests increased mobile and interactive media use by young children could be detrimental to their social development. (CBC)Its authors argue that too much interactive digital entertainment in the toddler years could impede toddlers’ self-control and problem-solving skills.