26 Dec, 2015

Teachers Are About to Get the Data They Need to Educate Your Kids, Experts Say

MotherJones.com | Kristina Rizga | Tuesday 22 December 2015

Nine big-city schools in California, covering almost 1 million kids, are trying to break away from “one size fits all” teaching.

Abstract: Stronger equity lens: CORE’s new school grading system also goes beyond the current federal requirements on reporting data by subgroups such as race, English-language proficiency, poverty, and special education. The collaborative breaks up data into more detailed subgroups, including Native American, Filipino, and Pacific Islander students. And, by defining a subgroup as 20 or more students in a school, instead of the current minimum of 100, it pays attention to more students, says Jorge Ruiz de Velasco, the associate director of Stanford’s Gardner Center. For example, many San Francisco and Los Angeles schools have fewer than 100 African American students, which means that those kids’ achievement data was not always publicly reported, and their needs may have not been addressed.