28 Sep, 2015

This is the skill that determines your child’s future employability

Quartz | Lizzie Heiselt | September 26, 2015

Whether a college education is becoming obsolete is debatable. The competitive advantage is shifting away from the smartest people in the room to those who can relate to others—those with a high emotional intelligence and strong interpersonal skills. Harvard economics professor David Deming’s research suggests that within next 20 years, the highest paying jobs will go to those not with education alone, but to “people people.”

Twenty years from now is when my children (ages eight, six, and three), and their cohorts, will be finding their place in the workforce. I can’t help but wonder if the up-and-coming generation will be ready to take on the demands of the emerging economy. These are kids who have been raised with devices—tablets, smartphones—as baby-sitters and who are “protected” by their parents to a point of near dependency.