19 Nov, 2015

These activities in kindergarten could be the key to 10-year-olds’ success in the classroom

Quartz | Jenny Anderson | 19 November 2015

Abstract | Researchers from the University of Quebec in Outaouais and the University of Montreal found that kids who participated in organized extracurricular sports in kindergarten had higher levels of self-control at the end of fourth grade (age 10), including the ability to listen and follow directions, persist with a task, and ask questions. A wave of recent research shows higher levels of self-control better predict student achievement than even IQ.

Abstract | The bottom line: children more involved in organized sports in kindergarten had 6% higher classroom engagement scores. “What surprised me was that only physical activities and not other types of structured extracurricular activities were related to classroom engagement,” Geneviève Piché, the lead researcher, told Quartz via email.