10 Jun, 2014

A Hop, Skip and a Jump: Enhancing Physical Literacy Tool Kit

This tool kit is a collection of activities developed by students in the Early Learning & Child Care 1285 course at Mount Royal College. This tool kit is intended to enhance the physical literacy development of preschool children by providing child care centers in the Calgary area with feasible, structured physical activities, paying special attention to the space and equipment to which most centers have ready access. The objective is to offer activities that are straightforward, inexpensive, and easy to implement in any setting and focus on the development of basic gross motor skills important in child development.

Although the activities are the work of the Early Learning and Child Care students, it is important to note that some ideas may have been adapted from resource books referenced at the end of this book. Many of the resources listed at the end have inspired the collection of activities and will inspire a set of workshops that will accompany the tool kit. 

Download kit