22 Feb, 2014

Creating Sensory Play at Little or No Cost by Wendy Ushers

A Resource book by the Play Doctors

Sensory play is any opportunity provided that enhances the use and development of our senses. This may involve all senses or may just focus on one or two. It can involve the environment, physical space, the use of play equipment or can involve adapting any item to become part of the child’s sensory play experience.

For some children, it may mean playing in a warm bath, using bubbles, low lights and soft music. For others, it may mean playing in mud or sand and making loud noises. It does not have to cost anything and it can be very simple.

This book provides many ideas to create sensory play experiences considering touch, vision, taste, hearing and smell, and includes chapters on activities to support balance and body awareness.

We encourage you to think imaginatively and to consider how sensory play can be incorporated into almost any activity using everyday items at little or no cost.

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