16 Jan, 2015

activematters | Security Procedures for the Security of Portfolios

  • Portfolios and learner evidence must not be left on desks or in any vehicle overnight.
  • They must be kept in a secure place at all times.
  • Files delivered to and collected from IV’s (IQA) and the Assessment Centre need to be signed in and out – to show a clear auditable trail
  • To ensure security, files brought in for Internal Verification (IQA) must clearly state when signing them in what units are contained within the portfolio – again to show a clear auditable trail
  • Assessors are responsible for keeping the learner portfolio intact with all the original evidence and forms. The EV/Centre Advisor/QRD can ask to see original, intact portfolios for up to one year after certification. Records of assessment and internal verification (IQA) are to be kept for three years for External Verification purposes.
  • Assessor documents including planning and feedback, summaries and IV reports must be copied and held within the Centre, as proof of progression – this is to show a clear auditable trail in the event that a portfolio is lost or destroyed.
  • Other reasons for these standards are: –
    • If simple errors are occurring, they can be remedied quickly
    • Standards and process for turn-around times can be maintained
    • Units to be Internally Verified (IQA) will be returned to the learner within 2-4 weeks, except in the event of sickness or annual leave