16 Jan, 2015

activematters | Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

Any units previously obtained for the award entered will not need to be repeated and count towards the credits for the completion of the qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is a method of assessment whereby the learner can be assessed without having to go through teaching to assist development.

  1. Initial assessments of literacy and experience are carried out so the learner will be placed on the course of the right level.
  2. If the learner has the experience and knowledge, or has passed previous qualifications that are not QCF, and would like to be assessed with RPL the viability of their achieving the award in this way, will be seriously considered.
  3. The learner must still provide evidence for all the Learning Outcomes for units they are doing by RPL. This may be accomplished by the learner supplying the evidence their self and then being assessed by an assessor as in the normal way the centre working with the learner to advise on evidence needed and then being assessed in the normal way.
  4. The learner must provide evidence for a whole unit and can do as many units as they wish, using the RPL process.  The credits for units completed will be the same as any other method.
  5. The timescale will be negotiated but would not be more than other candidates.
  6. The assessment will be planned and advice given on appropriate evidence and the skill and knowledge for all learning outcomes will be assessed.  Feedback will be given to the learner and guidance on the options available given.
  7. The units completed by RPL will be verified by the IQA at a higher rate, in line with Awarding Body Guidelines.   The assessment documentation and the verification report will be kept for the Centre Advisor to monitor.
  8. The learner assessed by RPL method has the same right of appeal, as through any other Assessment method.
  9. The units achieved by RPL are claimed in the same way and the RLP is not recorded on their certificates.